Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Final Piece

And now for the presentation of the last piece of Christmas knitting.

Another pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs. They are purple Paton's Classic with pink fun-fur around the cuff. Man, that fun-fur was a real pain to work with. I wasn't too put off by the fact that it was acrylic. It was the long hairy bits that kept wrapping around stitches and catching my needles that was the hassle. Definitely something for embellishment only. I don't know how people knit up those scarves out of fun-fur only!

I have already gotten feedback from the recipients of these and they love them! That makes me a very happy, injured, knitter. Tennis elbow is still bugging me. It's better. But recovery is sloooow. Anyone else had to deal with this? Know how long I'll be out? I'm going nuts. I keep thinking, "oh, I'll knit up one of those. they're cute" and then realizing I can't yet. Argh.

In other news, the car needed a new battery. Not a surprise, really. However, the nice CAA guy that came to give me a boost hooked up his battery doohicky thing (yes,that's the technical term) to both the positive and negative terminals. Now, my daddy taught me (and lots of other daddy's taught their kids) that the negative clamp is supposed to get clamped to an unpainted piece of metal on the car. When I asked the fellow, he said that most cars nowadays are mostly plastic and exposed metal has been painted, so this is what they do. In fact, I went out after to look under the hood, and my car is exactly that...painted metal and plastic. Go figure.

I inquired further at my garage. (Been going there for years. They are wonderful) and was told that with modern batteries, they don't blow up like the old ones did when you hook 'em up that way.

So that is my public service message. To boost your car battery, hook up the red clamp to the positive terminal on your battery first and then hook up the negative, black clamp to the other terminal. (oh, and have a big wad of cash to pay for the new battery)