Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Wonder

Having just spent 2 nights waiting for someone at the local emergency room, I now have a theory why the waits are so long when you go. Even if you have a legitimate emergency room problem.

Morons can't figure out if the problem they have is an emergency. Of all the people I saw go in or out of the big double doors to the magical emergency treatment area, only 5 had anything visibly wrong with them.

One was a screaming baby. Another was a limping fellow that came out in a walking cast. Then there was the lady who moved all hunched over. There was a young man who was huddled into his chair while waiting who just moved badly. The kid holding his arm still, with his other arm.

Then there were a whole bunch of people who looked completely normal. There was a kid about 12 still in her dance/gymnastic tights holding an icepack to her ankle. Which sounds like it might be legitimate, but the kid barely had a limp. I can tell you right now, she has a mild sprain. Keep putting ice on it, buy a tensor bandage and stay out of the emergency room, you idiot.

I lost count of the number of people that looked like drug-seeking-individuals to me. (And being that I am a pharmacist, my radar is pretty accurate)

My tax dollars at work. Lovely.