Thursday, September 27, 2007

Seeing Red, Or Maybe Blue.

I am just a wee bit irritated at Canada Post. Okay, that is a major understatement. I am angry at them. Angry as the heat of white hot burning sun. They stole my Knitpicks Harmony needles. The tracking number says it was successfully delivered yesterday. To whom????? Not me. I called Canada Post and they said,"Oh well, it says "delivered". Nothing we can do. Call the company" Knitpicks is sending out another set, but really, is it too much to ask that Canada Post do their job minimally right? Bad enough my tax dollars pay them. Bad enough I still have to pay through the nose when I want to mail something. (just as a sidenote, it costs less to mail something to the U.S. than it does within Canada!) But for them to steal my mail???? I pay them for this????!!!! This is just too much.

I posted a bit of a rant on Ravelry and another lady said that she has had problems with Canada Post saying they have delivered something and then it still takes days to get to her. Hopefully that is right and I will just send back any extra needles I get.

Okay, deep breath...and ....out....

I started my Everlasting Bagstopper/Saturday Market bag hybrid. I decided to do it in stripes to use up a couple of partial skeins I have.
Bottom of a String Bag
And just to add to my misery, Blogger won't upload pictures. Sigh, I had to grab this from Flickr.

I'm gonna stop trying to do anything now.