Monday, September 10, 2007

What I Did This Weekend

I went to the Knitter's Fair in Waterloo. Some yarn was bought. Lovely stuff. I'll show it to you another day when I have nothing to blog about.

While I was there, I saw Curlerchik and Mama E ! got so excited Iforgot to take pictures. Yeah, I know, lame ass excuse. True, though.

On my way home, I saw some of the walkers for The Weekend to End Breat Cancer going by the train station.

My camera was at the bottom of my purse, so by the time I dug it out, this was the best shot I could do! I circled the group's heads in breast cancer-y colours for you....I can't tell if you are in there Mezzodiva, but I said "hi"!

The string bag continues.

This is an easy, fairly fast knit. It would probably go faster if I actually picked it up more, but life (and new books) keep interfering. Having said that, I guess I should actually go knit, right? Of course, there is that book I got at the library....