Thursday, September 13, 2007


The new Knitty is up! I repeat Knitty is up!

Some good, some not so good. There is a preponderance of hats. I suppose because it is the fall Knitty. I do like the Cherie Amour and Mr. Greenjeans. Not sure if I will get around to knitting either of them. Christmas knitting is happening, you know. So other knitting will have to wait.

I kinda started 2 string bags at once. You see, the yellow one is from a 1 pound ball of string. That was too much to tote around with me while I was travelling this past weekend. So I started another one from a smaller skein. 2 skeins, to be exact.

This is the one I carried with me on the train and at work for the last few days. It's ready to start the garter stitch final rounds. Then it's off to find ribbon!

Micha has found something very interesting to stare at. Apparently having a camera pointed at her has become old news.