Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Knitting for Cancer Cure

It's not too late! Go over to the Campanula for the Cure and donate some $$$ and get a really cool sock pattern! You've bought sock patterns before, right? So just donate whatever you think is reasonable for a lovely, lovely sock and the money goes to a really good cause! Go now, I'll wait.

Done? Good. Something else they are doing there is contests. The current one is to come up with 3 ideas where you can "pay it forward". In other words, something you can do that will help or improve y our community, family, friends etc. Here's my 3:

1. Go throught your clothes and pull out everything that you don't wear. If it is in good shape, instead of pitching it in the charity bins at the mall, where it will be re-sold at a second hand shop, give directly to the ones who use it. Give it to your local women's shelter. They will be ecstatic to get gently used clothes. They will also take almost anything else. An old set of pots, that one coffee cup left from a set, mismatched cutlery, children's clothes, towels, sheets........Many of the women in the shelters get there with only the clothes they are standing up in.
2. Go through your books. Pull the ones you don't like, and donate them to the library. Even if the library doesn't put them into the collections,they can sell them at a book sale and use the money for new books.
3. This one seems obvious, but volunteer/donate at your local Humane society. Humane Societies (in Canada at least) do not get ANY government money. So they can always use some help. Or donate Canadian Tire money or newspapers! Often if you call, they can give you a list of unlikely things they can use! Pagan says thnk-you.
Sleepy Kitty

As for knitting around here, I decided to strike back against the corporate re-usable bag. I'm knitting my own, thank you very much. I mean, think about it. Bloblaws sells you their nifty bag for $0.99. (which I'm pretty sure makes them a bit of a profit. It might only be 1 cent I have no idea, but still) AND doesn't have to buy plastic bags anymore. The whole drive behind the re-usable bag thing is not because it will save the world. It's because they can save money on supplies and thus improve the bottom line. No corporation, regardless of what it says, is going to do anything that will have a negative impact on the profits. At best, neutral. However, my experience in the corporate world suggests that revenue netral is NOT what they ever do. Ever.

Moving on. I am knitting up the Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty. Out of stash cotton.

Everlasting Bagstopper Begun!

I am sooo pleased with this humble square of cotton. The texture enthralls me. The almost perfection of it's rectangular shape pleases me.

Everlasting Bagstopper bottom

I have no idea why this excites me so much. And yet....

I'm off to knit my perfect texture bag...