Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doling it Out

Posting number 2 on my weekend. I wonder how long I can stretch out the telling of my weekend?

I have been on the lookout for a men's sweater pattern for a while now. The hubby has requested one. Howevver, he has a very specific type of sweater in mind. An aran, to be exact. Not just any aran, the aran. In his mind. which means Ihave been scouring patterns and books looking for a traditional aran that I can handle knitting up. this weekend past, I wandered by Romni Wools (Sort of accidentally on purpose. You know the drill) and perused their pattern bins. I think I found a winner! At least, the hubby likes it.

It's traditional, I think I can stand to knit it up and he likes it. So, all three requirements are satisfied.

Now, the yarn hunt begins.....non-itchy, easy-care, in cream, as requested. It sounds like I will be looking at some kind of non-natural fibre. I don't have a problem working with non-natural or acrylic fibre. The trick will be one that he likes and I like. In the right colour.