Thursday, May 24, 2007

What's With the Socks??

Okay, maybe the problem isn't the sock, exactly. Maybe it's the yarn. The second sock started getting mouthy yesterday. "You never take me anywhere. Primus got to go to 2 lakes and shopping and...."
So, in order to keep some serenity in the house, (a losing proposition under any circumstances, but I digress) I took the sock Secundus on a little road trip.
We went to the local pet store:
And to a little strip mall:

But was that enough? Noooooo. The whining continued, "You took Primus out in public and knit! All you do with me is take me out of your purse for a second and wave me around. I want some quality time!"

Fine. I took Secundus to work with me today.

And knit in public:

So, hopefully, there will be some peace in the house. For a minute anyway.

I now return to my exploits in Italy. My aunt's house is very nice and has a little balcony off the kitchen. From there, it is posible to see the roof of part of the rest of the house:

Our model today is Cenerone. He is lounging on a very typical Italian roof. They don't use asphalt shingles there. The shingles are terra cotta. Very pretty!