Saturday, May 12, 2007

Airplane Food! Sucks....

I know airplane food is gross. I usually find something to eat, though.
The airline I was flying with gives you a little menu before they serve the "food". Here are the menus for flying over and return.

Going over: The seven grain salmon curry was gross looking. The chicken was inedible. Rubber chicken. Although the potatoes were edible. Won't mention the peas or carrots. Ugh.

The cheese was supposedly Camembert. It too was rubber. Not sure what the fruit compote was composed of. Didn't eat it. The blueberry cake was, well, weird. Not awful, though.

Breakfast was yoghurt, fruit flavoured. I did eat that.

Coming back: Tomato tarte Tatin looked like a hamburger patty made out of jello with bits of vegetable in it. Couldn't bring myself to try it. The Salmon ravioli Florentine was rubber and inedible. My sister tried the chicken fillets but found it also completely inedible. The short story is that the only thing on the tray I ate was the (stale) bread with butter.

Breakfast was unflavoured yoghurt. Yuck. A cheese sandwich with fennel seeds on the bread. I don't like fennel, but otherwise, bland and edible. And 2 butter cookies. Those were edible.

Suffice it to say that the "airplane food" legend lives.

The food in Italy was MUCH better! Shocking, I know. My favorite was pizza, naturally. Lemon gelato is a close second.

Normally, I get my gelato in a cone. Since they serve 2 flavours per cone there, my usual is lemon/chocolate. The chocolate gelato is lovely. More like the dark chocolate ice cream flavour we have than our regular chocolate. This photo, however, is my usual 2 flavours in a "coppa", or cup. I was in the Orta San Giulio on the shore of the Lago D'orta, or the Lake of Orta. A beautiful town. More on that in another post.

Jetlag is a real drag. It's worse going over, but now that I am back, I find myself needing unexpected naps at 3pm or so. Probably because I wake up at 3am feeling like it's 9am. My body rythyms are just a little ahead of themselves. Sigh. Hopefully it'll go away soon. I'm off for a nap now.