Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cotton-y Goodness

I miss the nice weather. It's only 13 degrees out. I am soooo tired of jacket weather. Granted, it's better than winter-coat weather, but after having lovely weather on my vacation and getting a taste of it now that I'm home, the cold, rainy day today is a bit of a shock....

My cotton-fest continues. Last night involved a little bit of vodka, so trying to convert a pattern for DK yarn to worsted was probably not a good thing to be doing. (that was what the swatch was yesterday.)

So I decided to get started on my mitred square blankie. I figure I can work up a square or 2 when I am between projects. Sort of a palate cleanser.

And here is an "artistic" shot. (I use the term loosely, but whatever...)I wasn't sure how the variegated yarn would turn out, but, as it happens, it turned out rather well!

I'm off to mess around with my swatch some more. And maybe a miter or 2.....