Monday, May 21, 2007

Travelling Sock

As you may have surmised from my post about Barolo, I was knitting while on vacation. Not a lot, after all, I had things to do! So, here is a summary of my travelling sock:

The sock at Casale, Italy. This was taken at the Andre Maurice factory outlet. Not just (just!) cashmere knits. There was a HUGE assortment of knit tops. Huge. I cannot begin to tell you how huge this outlet was! The sock went to Arona on the Lago Maggiore. Beautiful lake. The sock also went to Lago D'Orta. A very picturesque town. Very medieval looking. Totally worth going to see.

Today I finished the first sock. The sock, having been spoiled by all that travelling, insisted on a photo shoot. Not just a photo.

Now the sock is demanding that I start it's partner immediately!

Yeah, yeah, I can hear ya! Give me a second, will ya?

Right. So, I've got to go and cast on the second sock here. Just to keep the peace.