Thursday, May 17, 2007

Barolo, Italy

One of the first jaunts we did while in Italy was to Barolo. We picked a good day to go as they were having a mini wine festival. There was wine tasting:

My sister and my cousin Guli tasted wine. Carlo did not. I sampled as well. It was quite interesting to taste the difference between the wines. I am not usually very wise to the ways of wine, but actually having the choices in front of me and tasting them consecutively really does make a difference. Even to my untutored palate!

The view of the vineyards from the top of the hill was spectacular.

There was even a Corkscrew Museum! Very interesting.

The sock was quite taken with the castle in Barolo,

Alas, the day did come to an end and we had to drive our car down this street to leave:

Thank goodness my cousin has experience driving these types of roads. He went down this street in first gear!