Saturday, March 31, 2007

work Irritations

another installment of "irritating things that happened at work". This time around your lovely pharmacist was working at a different "Acme Pharmacy" than the last time.

Prescription for Oxycontin comes in. Is very carefully filled. Is double counted to make sure pills are the correct number. other details are checked. Prescription is given out to customer. Customer starts blathering on about how he talked to doctor because he is worried about being robbed of these meds. That is why he virtuously only wants 2 weeks at a time. Client goes home with meds.

Calls pharmacy 3 hours later. Claims to have been shorted 15 pills. Technician double counts remaining inventory and we compare what we have to what we SHOULD have. It is exactly right. Besides, we double counted the pills because this client has pulled this before. We insist that he got correct number of pills. He says we didn't. We continue to insist that not only did we double count the pills, but our current stock is exactly right and we keep very close eye on this type of stock. He then says "Oh. Maybe my friend that came over took some. He's done it before." Some friend, eh?

I want a vacation!!!!