Thursday, March 29, 2007

What ELSE I've been doing.

My days have not been filled only with peeing cats. Hard as that may be to believe. I am still working lots since I want to take time off to go to Italy. Being as I am self-employed, that means I have to have enough money in the bank to get me through the vacation time. Hence, working like a maniac.

With joys like the following:

Me: Acme Pharmacy, pharmacist speaking

Voice on phone: thirteen twenty-nine forty-two

Me: Is that a prescription number you would like a repeat on?

Voice: (sounding aggrieved) well, YEAH.

Me: And who is the prescription for?

Voice: Me!

Me: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. Could you repeat it please?

Voice: (mumbled)jawndo

Me: Pardon?

Voice: (speaking with exagerated slowness) j o h n d o e

Me: Okay Mr. Doe, will you be picking this up?

Voice: Ummm, probably...yeah...after, um....I know....ummm, get groceries.

Me: Thank you. Good bye.

Rude customer that doesn't even start out the call with "hello" and gets pissed off when I ask for information I need to make sure that I am filling the right pills (prescriptiion numbers get garbled sometimes) and that it isn't a delivery. And that is pretty much par for the course...

I can't wait for vacation.

But I have knitting! Got some done at work. Hee hee!

My Twisty Turns wrap continues. 2 hanks into it. I estimated 8 for the whole project. Might not need quite so much. Of course, I may be jinxing it right there....

Pagan doesn't get what the fuss is. She thinks the yarn is much more interesting BEFORE it is knitted up!