Monday, March 12, 2007

Nope, No Knitting Here.

The title is correct. No knitting going on. Lots of working. But no knitting. My bank account is happy, though.

Too tired tonight to knit. The "spring forward" time change thing always screws up my system. I feel tired for DAYS. It sucks.

Spent today at a store where I got to listen to clients complain that their doctor is off for March break, so could I "just give them some of their medication?" Of note is that said medication is always a narcotic. They never seem to run out of their heart pills at an inconvenient time. Just their Oxycontin. Or Percocet. (Vicodin is another name for it). I always point out that I am not a doctor and they will have to go to a walk in clinic or the emergency department. To which they complain "the last time I went to a walk-in clinic the doctor refused to write me a prescription for Oxycontin." Which says something also. Maybe that they spend too much time at walk-in clinics???!

I know I am in a "helping" profession. But jeez louise. I am not their mother.

I will stop the rant now and close with this:

Isn't my Micha adorable?