Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lots Going on Here

So, there is lots of stuff going on here. Just not much knitting! I bought plane tickets to go to Italy. I am working alot! I am trying to plan out what I want to wear on vacation. And figure out what kind of presents to bring the relatives in Italy.

That last one is giving me and my sister some trouble. Whatever it is has to be sturdy, since the workers at the airport are not gentle with the luggage. The item must be something interesting, since bringing a commonplace would be silly. And what on earth makes a good present for young men in their early 20's ?????? We have some ideas, we'll have to see if they pan out.

And lastly, a news story caught my attention. How many times have we seen this type of thing? Mom ( or dad) leaves child in car "just for a second" while they run a "quick" errand. In this case, it cost the little girl her life. Somehow the girl got her head caught in the power window in the vehicle. It killed her. Now the mom and others are campaigning for something called an "auto reverse" device on windows. It would pull the windows back open if it hits an obstruction. sounds like a good idea, but the problem here is NOT that the car window did not have one of these devices. The problem is that a child was left in a vechicle unattended! If mom had just taken the kid with her, there would have been no death. So, while I feel for the mom, the problem is not with the car. The problem is that mom did not do her job well. Unfortunately, it ended very badly. It's tragic. Application of a little common sense would have avoided this.