Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ranting and...Knitting...Really?

First, a rant. The stupid genre of "work" (and I use the term loosely) called "self help" is really bugging me. The latest is the dumb-ass book "the secret". (I am not capitalizing this self-aggrandizing shit) It isn't even original. It is a compilation of other self help books. With a basic message that you have to make things happen if you want them to happen. Sounds good, eh? But wait. It also tells you that the corollary is that if bad things happened to you, you attracted them too. Now, you could say that this is also true. I would say that this is true in a very limited sense. There is an article here that is quite interesting. The part I find particularly awful is that when the self-help idjit was asked how something like 9/11 could happen, then she said that the 3000 people that died "attracted" the death. Probably by fear of being attacked.

Really? And the many people in Darfur also "attracted" their fate? What about Kosovo? And the 16 year old girl who was shot while doing some boxing day shopping? They all attracted their fate? By not thinking positively?

Fuck off. This is the trap of self-help books. They make you think that there is something wrong with you. When in reality, it is just, well, reality. Sometimes you can dodge the truck that is heading for you. Sometimes you can't.

End of rant.

On to the knitting! Yup, I said knitting. I actually played with string and sticks. here's proof.

That's Raspy! Not done. I'm still working on the raglan decreases.

Not a great shot of the decreases, but it IS proof! It was so nice to just pick up my knitting and go. Pagan came around to see what I was doing. Micha came to visit too. And then we all settled down to do some comprehensive "knitting while in a kitty pile". That's what my husband calls it when we all snuggle together. "Kitty pile"

I'm off to see if I can start another kitty-pile!