Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ummmmm, Really?

So, I worked this past Saturday.

I had a client come in and wondered where you got "those bags you put camphor blocks into to hang around your neck"? Hanging camphor blocks around your neck to help with a stuffed up nose is a very old remedy. We health proffessionals no longer recommend it. Camphor is toxic. There are babies who died when they got ahold of some. Often a very small amount. I told the lady that I would under no circumstances use that on a child. Ever. Her reply? "A doctor told me to". Yeah. Lady there are doctors out there who I wouldn't let treat my pet. The problem was that the kid was stuffed up and couldn't breathe through his nose and all the infant decongestants have been pulled off the market due to "lack of proven efficacy". Right. So, instead of giving a small dose of Dimetapp or some other children's formula, the doctor suggested a poison. Good call doc! Mom refused to believe me and will be hanging 50 grams of poison (of which the kid only needs to get 0.5-1g into them to kill them). Fingers crossed the kid survives into adulthood.

Then I had a client who was pissed her welfare drug coverage wouldn't cover her estrogen supplement anymore. The plan will only cover it for "short term use in the management of menopausal symptoms." She had been on it for at least 6 years and the doctor finally cut her off. Naturally that is the pharmacy's fault. Even when we can show her the fax on which the doctor wrote, "she has been on it well past short term use. she no longer qualifies" This person proceeded to argue that she has diabetes and blah blah about why she deserves special treatment. She went on to say that she couldn't take these antibiotics (hands me a bottle to dispose of) and is it okay to just stop suddenly? (the antibiotics are $70 us taxpayers won't see again. That she got for $2) I told her to tell her doctor she can't take them and to get another anitibiotic because otherwise the infection will get worse. Whereupon she informs me that she "didn't have an infection". Then why were you on antibiotics? That you didn't pay for?
She decides to pay for her hormones and the technician went off to get that ready.

Another client has since approached the counter and wants help with earwax removal products. We go over to the shelf with the products and annoying lady from the above paragraph butts in and starts to tell him what he should do. I interrupt,"I've got this under control. Please go wait for your prescription over by the counter" Then turned my back on her. The ear client also turned his back. I suspect he was not amused at a complete stranger butting in like that. I know a store front shop is not private, but if you aren't a doctor and I am counselling a patient, I outrank you and please fuck off.

I have never been so close to asking a client what her supposed disability was to be on permanent welfare. She was hale and hearty in front of me. Able to argue and impose herself on others. I did not. But I sure wonder.

Yeah, that was a normal day at work. Blargh.