Thursday, November 06, 2008

Christmas One!

The first of 2 knitted Christmas presents is done. Well, almost. Except for the finding of a button.

The cowl or reallys short scarf, as my hubbunny says, for a male so I want a nice manly button.

There was no pattern, I just kinda "wung it".

I cast on 36 in some superwash DK wool I had kicking around in stash. Sorry the ballband disappeared. Then I did 6 rows of seed stitch and then knit in stamen stitch until the thing went around the hubby's neck with a bit of overlap. About 18 inches all told. I did more seed stitch and put a button hole in the one end.

What is stamen stitch? Here:

row 1: knit

row 2: k1 slip 1 purlwise till 2 from the end, k2

row 3: knit

row 4: k2, then sl1 k1 till end

Pretty easy. Which is what I wanted. Here is a picture of the contrast between the 2 stitches I used.

It's not in your face different. It adds some texture, I thought.

So now, I just have to find a nice big manly button.