Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thump Gallop

Normally, when Raven is hungry he charges around the house at a billionty miles an hour and makes a huge amount of noise. We call it galloping about. Last night, I was sitting demurely on my couch, knitting on my Black Tomato top when I heard the biggest racket. Kathumpety gallopy thumpety... I saw Raven go charging by with something dragging behind him.
My shoe. He had the lace in his teeth and was off to the races. Sigh.

The Black Tomato top is crawling along. I have been working on it at work on my lunch breaks etc. Thus, there is some progress.

I am hoping to have enough yarn to do longer sleeves on this one. When I have finished the body, I plan on doing the ribbing around the neckline first and then splitting whatever yarn I have left to do sleeves. Looks like I will have enough for 3/4 sleeves, possibly. Maybe. Either way, not cap sleeves. Maybe I should start calling this my "Longer Sleeved black Tomato" or LSBT.

Yours in kathumpety-ness