Sunday, November 09, 2008

Super Pharmacist Strikes Again!

Last week I worked a day at a pharmacy that has had no end of problems getting their blisterpacks done correctly. ( a blisterpack is the packaging whereby the pharmacy puts all your morning meds in one bubble, all your lunch meds in one bubble etc. That way you don't have to open a dozen little vials and/or forget some)

There are many reasons why this store was having problems, but I won't get into that. Aaaaanyway....I was checking a blisterpack and saw a red and white pill where I was expecting a blue one due to the accompanying paperwork. I asked the tech who told me that the paperwork stating that the dose had changed to the blue one was wrong. I thought it odd, so I called the doctor to make sure of the dose. Turns out the dose had changed and it WAS the blue one. I fixed it up and sent it out.

Fast forward 3 days. I am at a completely different pharmacy in no way affiliated with the other one. A transfer comes in. That is where a client decides to change pharmacy. I begin to enter the prescriptions onto the computer when I realize that it is the same person whose blisterpack I just fixed at the other store. There was an accompanying note from the person's caregiver stating that a new blisterpack would not be needed for 3 weeks as she had enough for that long.

I thought this odd, since I had only sent out 1 pack for 1 week with the new dose. The other 2 weeks that they had would still have the old dose. My technician called the caregiver and asked them to check and sure enough, the old packs had the wrong (old) dose.

If I hadn't have happened to be working those 2 stores on those 2 particular days, this would not have been caught and the woman would have been taking the wrong dose.

I am going to have to find my cape and tights to wear as I zoom about the city righting wrongs as Super-Pharmacist!

Raven agrees.