Thursday, November 01, 2007

Prize for Bad Blogging

I guess I get the booby prize for bad blogging. I still have not managed to take pictures. Tomorrow. I promise. I am not working all day. Surely I can manage to take a couple of pictures, right? Let's hope so.

So tonight there will be words. I continue to plug away on my Campanula sock. I did something to my left hand. The base of my thumb hurts. So I can only get a few rows in before the lace and the tiny yarn with the itty bitty sock needles gets to me. But I am putting in a few rows regularly. They appear to be adding up.

I cast on for the Falling water Lace scarf with the lovely silk. Was not loving the result. Ripped. Sorry, no pictures of that either. Emailed Alison who gave me a couple of tips on picking a pattern for the yarn. I could have dug out the stitch dictionary, but I was bored at work today, so I surfed the net a bit. I found seafoam lace. So far, I like it better. I'm only 1 repeat into it, though. Again, pictures tomorrow. Even though it looks like ass. I am reliably informed, by pretty much every blog out there, that lace is supposed to look like ass. In which case I am right on track.

In other news, Raven is now fixed. That makes me a responsible pet owner. Although, I find the term "fixed" kind of funny. After all, the reason we do the procedure is because the bits, work, right? So aren't we actually "breaking" the kitty?

It makes me chuckle, at any rate!

I'm off to knit on my seafoam.