Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Captain, There's a Gravitational Anamoly Ahead...

Secret Christmas knitting continues. However, it's been weird. I read the pattern. It said,"cast on 63 stitches". so I did. I double counted to be sure I didn't do too many. Turns out I only did 59. So I cast on 4 more stitches and re-counted. Still 59. WTF???? Is there a black hole sucking my cast-on into oblivion?

Hubby looked over at my growl of frustration. When the problem was explained, he said,"Maybe it needs a time-out in the yarn bag." He's learning 'knitspeak" by osmosis!

I put the cast-on back in the bag for the evening. The next night I pulled it out again, and it remained 63 stitches. Halleluljah! So the secret Christmas knitting continues.

In other Christmas news, a friend of my hubby is coming down to spend the holiday with us. So I wondered out loud, what to get him for Christmas. I asked hubby. After all, it's his friend. Hubby said that we didn't have to worry about it. I feel that if you are at my house, there should be a little something under the tree. Hubby said,"Just knit him a scarf, then."

Just???? JUST???!!!! Is he kidding? (better be) I reminded him how long the last knitted item I made for him took. I then opined that I could probably knock out a hat. In worsted. Which was deemed acceptable. So the Christmas knitting list grows longer. I should have just gone out and bought a tacky t-shirt.