Thursday, November 08, 2007

Plate O Love

In order to facilitate dosing the kitties, I have organized what I call the plate of love.
I get all the meds ready, sit down next to the kitty, pin her next to my leg and medicate away. She grumbles and hisses, but then she looks like this:

So I figure she's gotten over it pretty quick.

The other kitty has gotten better enough that she is eating again. So, I mix in her antibiotic with a bit of food, feed it to her and then when she is done that, give her the rest.

There has been knitting, but unfortunately it is of the secret Christmas kind. So I can't show you. Hence the kitty pictures. Otherwise I would tell you I am knitting (bleep ) for (bleep) out of (bleep). However, censored blog posts are kind of a pain to figure out, since you have to decide what the (bleep) stands for.

So, kitty pics it is!