Friday, November 02, 2007

At Last! Pictures and Yarn Pron.

I have finally managed to get it together enough to take pictures. Not fabulous pictures, but I'm not a professional photographer, so it will have to do!

First up, Campanula sock:

Hmm, that's quite a hole at the heel/foot join. I sense some duplicate stitch in my future....

Next up, the current pattern candidate for my silk Rumple yarn.

Sorry about the shadows, this was the best I could do after several attempts. It's definitely open enough for the nubbly texture of the yarn. Maybe too open? I'm debating going down a needle size. It's currently drying from it's mini-blocking. I'll see what it feels like and looks like when it's dry.

In other very nifty news, I won a little yarn. If you haven't been to Mobtown Reviews, get yourself over there on Wednesdays. The link will go up in my sidebar when Blogger decides to let me do it....At any rate, the site reviews a new and upcoming fibre artist every week. And then they hold a draw from the comments for the reviewed treat! Last week, I won. I got myself a super soft and squooshy absolutely lovely skein of sock yarn from Oceanwind Knits. It is absolutely scrumptious. the colourway is "Elderberry". Lori shipped it out superfast. My big problem now, is deciding what sock to use it on. Lately I seem to be having pattern decision making issues.....

The other cool thing about Oceanwind Knits is that it is Canadian. Canada has so many wondeful fibre artist. Yet often they get lost in the shuffle somehow.

Oops! The yarn must be lovely. Raven is going ofter it! And so far he has only gone after my expensive stuff. Gotta go save the yarn.