Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Job

If you happen to be an unscrupulous person who is diverting your narcotic pain meds (ie selling them instead of taking them) and send your spouse in to tell your pharmacist that you are in a wheelchair and had to take a 'few extra' and that 'your doctor knows about it; Please be aware that I can see a snowjob from a long ways off. Taking triple your dose is not a few extra.

When I call your doctor, I will be asking what the dose change is. When the doctor tells me that the dose hasn't changed, I will be suspicious. When the doctor goes onto say that you told him you took a few extra because you are back at work and your back is bothering you a bit, that sends alarm bells clanging. Especially when I asked the doctor if you were back at work in a wheelchair. And the doctor said no, you were not in a wheelchair.

Then when I calculate the supposed dose you tell me you are on, depending on when you started it, you should have been out 10 days ago, or still have 2 weeks left.

So, do me a favour unscrupulous drug diverting person, do your homework and remember, no matter how big a snowjob you give me, I have a shovel.