Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's -20C out there right now. That's -4F for you folks that use that other measuring system. That is darn cold. I had tears running down my face as I scraped the ice off the car this morning. Nope, not crying, it was so cold my eyes were watering. Not an everyday occurence around here. So it was pretty darn frosty out there.

In other news.......

My husband likes to drink 1 cup of fruit juice a day. Don't ask me why 1 cup. At any rate, he is using up all my measuring cups measuring this stuff out. I try to cook something and have to wash out the measuring cup first. Irritating.

So I decided to make drinking the juice a one step process for him. I etched a line on the glass. To do this, you get your 50% off coupon from your last purchase at Michael's and buy glass etching paste. Buy some small cheap sponge paintbrushes. Then you also need masking tape, newspaper to protect the counter, rubber gloves and a sink with a tap.

First you figure out where you want to put the line. I dumped a cup of water into the glass to do this. then mark the line on both sides with the masking tape.

Then you put on the gloves and carefully apply a thick layer of the etching stuff. It said to leave on for 1 minute, I left it for something around 2-3 minutes. Then you wash it off under the tap in the sink. Carefully! Don't splash etching stuff up on yourself etc.

And there you have it. Measuring glass and drinking glass in one!

I thought I had pressed the edge of the tape firmly to the glass, but there was a little leakage under it so the line isn't perfectly crisp. Maybe electrical tape would have been better.