Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yup, that's the description of my world right now. Crystalline, white stuff. Too much of it. Also called snow. With more on the way. Yesterday we got around 20cm of it. I got to drive home through it. Down a 2 lane highway. In the dark. I got passed. By a dump truck. All I could think as he was passing me was,"Please don't slide, please don't slide" because if a vehicle that size starts to slide, there's no stopping it. Since my vehicle was next to it for a short time, it could have been ugly.

My silly question for the day today was,"Could you check my medication record and tell me if it is okay to use a nicotine patch to quit smoking?" . This is actually a fairly common question. A little bit of thought could aviod it, though. I mean really, if the nicotine in the cigarettes you were smoking was going tocause a problem, whouldn't you know by now? There is also the fact that a cigarette has an additional 5000 or so other chemicals. So switching to a single chemical in the form of a nicotine patch is likely an improvement, Even if the nicotine is not a good mix with the meds. That you have been taking. While you smoked.

So I looked up the file, glanced at it and told them to go ahead with the patch.

I'm off to dig my car out from under the snow.