Monday, January 19, 2009

Shale Gauntlets

I finished them! I wore them to work today and for the first time this winter, my hands were warm.
and the close up view
and the flip side view

The yarn used was Lion Brand Microspun which is a sportweight yarn.

Pattern: I made it up as follows:

Size 6 needles

Cast on 38 stitches.

Row 1:knit

Row 2: knit

Row 3: knit 1 * k2tog 3 times, yo k1 6 times, k2tog 3 times* Repeat from * till one stitch left, k1

Row 4: purl

I did 16 repeats of those 4 rows. I put in an afterthought thumb by knitting stitches 17-20 with waste yarn, passed those stitches back to the first needle and knit one more pattern repeat.

Then 5 rows of k1p1 ribbing.

Bind off in a stretchy bind off.

Put stitches held by waste yarn onto 2 needles (8 stitches) and discard waste yarn. Pick up 2 stitches on either side of thumbhole (12 stitches total). Knit 2 rounds. then k1p1 for 2 rounds and bind off.

And you will have your very own Shale Gauntlets