Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Today at work, the technician called across the dispensary, "pharmacist, this one's for you. Line 1!"
Here is the conversation:

Me: Pharmacist speaking, how can I help you?
Person on the phone (PP): my crotch hurts.
Me: Pardon? (thinking I had heard it wrong)
PP: My crotch hurts.
Me: Ummmm, did you drop something on it?
PP:No, there's like,a bump, but I can't see it. I feel it.
Me: (thinking "ickyickyickyicky!!!!!") try putting some Polysporin on it. Sounds like you have a pimple or a cyst.
PP: I tried that but it made it worse.
Me: (thinking how does Polysporin make it worse? Don't want to know. REALLY don't want to know) Perhaps you should call your doctor and get them to look at it.
PP: I did , but they can't see me today. If I come in, can you...
Me: (Very hastily) No NO! That's okay. There's nothing else I ca do for you without getting a prescription from your doctor.
PP: Oh, okay. Bye.

I was so grossed out. Totally icked. I was ready to yark. So I thought I'd share it with all of you.