Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mitred Company

So, my lonely multi-mitre has some company now. I am still way far away from any kind of completion on this project. It would help if life kept not throwing me curveballs to mess with my knitting time. Like food poisoning. However, such is life, I will perservere. Here's how far I have gotten:

I have not actually counted how many to do still. I'm afraid I might do something foolish like run out into the street with my metal dpns yelling "how many squares??? How many squares? HOW MANY SQUARES!!!!" and get all stabbity on the lawn. While that might get me into the psych ward for an evaluation and away from work, I suspect not much useful knitting would get done as they would probably sedate me to the eyeballs.

I probably ought to go knit some more squares now.