Monday, September 01, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For.....

You just might get it.

When asked what my plans for this Labour day weekend, my response was the same it usually is,"hopefully, not leaving the house at all". You see, I absolutely hate trying to shop or get anything done this weekend of the year. It's worse than the Christmas season. Why? Back to school. This is the weekend parents will be charging through the stores like maddened oxen trying to decide if they need the Doris the Exploder lunchbox or the Trashformers backpack. This is the weekend all the parents are trying to make Susie or Johnny decide what shoes they need for gym. This is the weekend the teenagers go out to buy their first day of school outfit.

Even the grocery store is a zoo. Parents trying to decide what to pack in their kids lunches swamp the store. This is complicated by the fact that there is huge recall on lunch meat due to a listeriosis outbreak in one of the larger meat packing plants in Ontario. Since many if not all schools are peanut free zones, that sharply reduces lunch options. I predict that there will be many sales of thermoses (thermi?) for soup today and tuna sandwiches tomorrow.

Then, just to put the icing on the cake, I live in a university town. This is also the weekend many proud but nervous parents are moving their beloved childer into dorms and rental housing. The area around the university is chaos. Fortunately, I don't live there. However, The Walmart and Zellers, will be worse as the parents run out to pick up the last few items they forgot to pack (can openers, toilet paper...) Alas, the only Walmart and Zellers in this town are around the corner from my house. Which means traffic is a disaster.

(This, by the way, is why my folks, after my first year of university, would pay a little extra to move in a day or 2 early. We would come up on the Wednesday or Thursday before Labour day,drop the boxes in the middle of the room and go home. Then, on Labour day, I would take the train in and spend a leisurely day unpacking. Much less stressful. )

Moving on. I have also in the past commented that I should lose a few pounds.

How is all this connected to "be careful what you wish for"?

Saturday morning. Early Saturday morning I woke up with gawdaful belly cramps. They continued unabated for a few hours. Then, dinner from the previous night made a reappearance. From, um, both ends. Yuck. I had/have food poisoning. Fortunately, over the last couple of days, I have gotten better. I don't have a fever, muscle aches or a headache. Which is something you have when you have listeriosis. I feel almost normal this morning (Monday). But for the last 2 days I have eaten almost nothing. Saturday I slept around the clock. Thank goodness for the hubbunny. He brought me water to drink. If I had to get out of bed and go down the stairs, I wouldn't have made it. That's how sick I was. Sunday,my diet consisted of water, 2 slices of bread, plain, 2 small bunches of grapes, a handful of rice with a dab of butter on it and 4 crackers. I weighed myself today and have lost 5 pounds. I'm sure most of that is simply being completley empty and slightly dehydrated. If I drink too much water, my delicate tummy rebels.

So I got my wishes. I stayed in all weekend. I didn't even get dressed. I lost some weight. I think the fates are rather cruel. Or at least, have a twisted sense of humour.
In closing,this is pretty much what my family did this weekend: