Monday, July 14, 2008

What To Blog?

Not much going on around here. I worked like crazy last week and then stopped. Just....stopped. Spent the weekend lazing around. I knit a bit on a mitred square. I don't think I even finished 1. Yup, that's how lazy I felt. I could work on the test knitting sock, but the lace around the ankle is a little wonky and while I don't really want to rip, I'm beginning to think I should. So I am procrastinating on that. Maybe it'll fix itself if I leave it?

In other news, I went to see an audiologist about a partial cochlear implant. Gut get this, apparently I am not deaf enough! That's a good thing, right? I am on the border, so I will keep up an annual check up there and if things go south, well, I'll already be evaluated by them, so I will be able to skip the referral over part.

I am bored with the lunches I have for work. So I am whipping up a pot of lentil soup and I made a sofrito (onion, carrot, celery & garlic) ,cooked some zucchini and will wrap it up in a tortilla with an egg for lunch. This is an experimental meal, but I have hopes it will go well. It should heat up ok in a microwave. We shall see. If worse comes to worse and it is inedible, I am working in a grocery store so I can run over to the frozen food dept and get something.

Yeah, my pet photography skills need some work......