Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fibre-Like Content

I decided that I didn't like knitting a sock on 2 circulars. Not sure if it was the crappy circulars I was using or just me. So I switched to dpns and I am much happier. However, last night I realized that the one dpn felt "scratchy". I looked more closely and saw this:

If you look at the middle needle, you can see it looks flat. I snapped the tip off somehow. So I bought new ones today.

While I was at home today, I was waiting for some clients to return calls, so I didn't want to knit on my test sock, as it is lace and requires a modicum of concentration. I made this instead:

I looped the jeans I have cut up into "yarn". I still have more strips to loop together and then I will start on the purse I want to make. No idea if I will have to cut up more jeans. I figure I will start knitting it up and then I can always pause to cut up more.

The hubby is starting to circulate in the kitchen. I had better go start dinner before he tries to "help"!