Wednesday, July 02, 2008

O Noes!

(English translation at bottom)

And ceiling Cat luks at lace and sez ,"ur lace, it luks funi"

Knot-lady looked at her knitting and thought, "Ceiling cat is correct. This does not resemble the intended result"

And Ceiling Cat sez,"Ur lace, u haz to rip it"

Knot-lady said,"No! I shan't How willst I ever divine where the correct point in the lace shalt be?"

And ceiling Cat sez, "1 at a tym, u haz to take apart"

Weeping, Knot-Lady said,"So Ceiling Cat says, so it shalt be"

Translation for non-lolcat speakers:

The lace was coming out wrong after the heel. After several false starts and a phone call to Mezzodiva, it was discovered that I am a bonehead and started on the wrong chart after the heel. Hence the "travelling" lace pattern. Also, bonehead that I am, I did not put in a lifeline after the heel (as I had a fleeting thought to do at one point) so I had to tink back 1 freaking stitch at a time. Took me a day and a half, (with breaks to be sure) but it's tinked and the stitches come out to the correct number and I have checked to be sure the lace is the right lace for the row I should be on and when I am done here, I will endeavour to read the correct chart and that should be that. Famous last words, I'm sure.....