Wednesday, May 21, 2008

KWM-Not Recommended.

Apparently, practice does NOT make perfect. Despite having knit up a few of these already, I still managed to screw up the decreases down the middle.

That was the first time I had to frog back. I have since frogged back twice more for the same reason. This particular mitred square is giving me a migraine. Oh wait, I already have a migraine. Perhaps that is the problem. KWM (knitting with migraine) syndrome.

In that case, maybe I should out down the knitting needles for a bit. Here, let me entertain you:

Cubist Knitting!
And photocopied knitting!

That's the extent of my artistry. I think my head is going to explode. Maybe that's the cause of migraines. The internal pressure of my head is exceeding capacity and if it continues unabated, my head explodes. Hopefully not on the alpaca.

Ciao for now. If you don't hear from me, bring mops and bukkits!