Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's Magic.

Magic Loop that is.

Last night I was starting another cabled beer cozy for a Christmas present and my dpn's were being a pain in the butt. So I decided to see if I could figure out magic loop knitting. I haven't wanted to try it on socks, since there is a defined front and back and I haven't figured out how to distinguish them. However, the beer cozy is round, no front or back. So I whipped out my Denise kit and started. The beginning is a pain, just like it is on dpn's. But once there was a few rounds done, the knitting stablized and I was just whipping through it. Most excellent. Now I can add Magic Loop to my arsenal.

I didn't feel up to posting yesterday. I had a whopper of a migraine. Mostly because on Friday the day was a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day. I got up Saturday to this:

I find that whenever the weather does a really fast 180, my head hurts. By yesterday evening I was nauseous from the pain. (yes, I was taking pain pills. They just weren't strong enough) Hmmm, maybe the pain pills were making me nauseous. Could be. Either way, my head hurt, my stomach ached and I was not a happy knitter. I went to bed early. Today seems to be better. The head hurts a little, but it's waaaayy better. I'm off to finish the beer cozy before my head decides to explode. (again)