Saturday, November 18, 2006

Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

*elevator muzac stops*

We interrupt our regular programming to ask you: Do you find some television commercials to be completely stupid or icky?

The first one I find that grates on my nerves is this one: Close-up of a woman's face. She then says "As a mom, I find (product x breakfast spread) to be a tasty and healthy part of breakfast"

Or something very close to that. The irritating part is the "as a mom" part. Ummm, shouldn't a nutritionist be giving me nutritional advice? My pardons to all good moms out there, but I have seen plenty of bad mothering choices over the years. For example: A mother approached my pharmacy counter and asked me " Is there an easier way to get my kid to take Vick's Vaporub?" I asked her what she meant. Turns out that she was giving her kids the stuff on a spoon. To eat!!!!! I am sure that she did this with the best of intentions, but the stuff can actually kill small children!!!

Or the "I'm a (insert cold product here) mom!" Umm do you mean that product got you pregnant???? Bad writing there, eh?

The creepy one is the cough syrup ad that has a person coughing in a bed/classroom etc and their mom just magically appears with the product in hand. My mom might just appear in my vicinity? With no warning? Eww!

And just disturbing is the chocolate bar ad that is set to Beach Boys music and ends "and if a shark should try to bite you, I invite you" while wiggling a chocolate ass in front of said shark. This one I find completely disquieting. On several levels.

Okay, I had to get that off my chest.

I now return to your regularly scheduled programming....
*elevator musac starts*