Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boring and then Delicious

I haven't been boring all of you with my hearing-aid saga. However, my patient,eternally suffering husband has heard enough whining, so you, my gentle readers are stepping up to the plate. If you really don't want to, then skip to the picture at the bottom for the "fun" content.

Lets review: Last June I went to start the process of getting new aids. The first set were analog. They sucked. The second set were digital, wicked expensive and also sucked. The third set were still wicked expensive and worked better than the previous 2 sets, but not as good as my old ones. So now we are on to set number 4. These are Widex Inteo. The fitting process gives me a little (a very little hope). Instead of just programming in your hearing loss as the audiologist tested it, the aids are put in your ears and sounds are piped in through the aids (they call it a sonogram) and you respond if you can hear it or not. Your responses are then used to adjust the sound. These aids also have a number of programs to choose from. To start out, I am going with the all purpose program and one that supposedly makes music better to listen to. The reasoning is that the music program allows more base sounds through the filter. Since most of my hearing loss is in the high pitches, the hope is that this might give me better hearing even if it isn't music.

A funny thing emerged through the sonogram process. My hearing in between some of the traditional pitches used for testing is better than the traditional pitches themselves. This leads to a wonky curve with respect to the amplification of sound. Perhaps this is why the other hearing aids didn't work as well. They assumed a smooth curve of hearing loss. Clearly not the case here.My old set were programmed though a similar program to the sonogram done here.

Here's hoping....

Since this is a fairly boring, dry post, I will now show you a pic of something moist and delicious: