Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Small Jobs

While working on my hairpin lace project, I'm also turning my hand to other little jobs that have been accumulating. I finished the longer Husband Socks. Gotta get a photo shoot together for 'em. I also fixed a heel on a colleague's sock. Normally I don't do a lot of repair work on handknits for people. If I did, I'd have no time to knit for myself! But I fixed the first sock for her a while back and asked her if the second one was looking a bit thin. The first one had gaping holes. My presumption was that the second sock of the pair was probably getting thin too. And it is easier to darn socks if the basic fabric is still there. Sure enough.... So I fixed it!

Hairpin lace strip #1 is done. Strip #2 is around 63% done.....pictures another day!