Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Today the hubby and Iwent to the grocery store. As we were bringing our food into the house in my tshirt bags, the hubby commented that they were good for carrying stuff, but when you put them down, the stuff tends to fall out since the bags are so slouchy.
I decided to see if I could remedy that a bit. Interfacing might help. but I still want the bags to have stretchiness so they can expand when I put the groceries in . I also have some interfacing kicking around. So I got a couple of scraps of interfacing and ironed them on both sides of the side seam. I just did one bag to see if it makes a difference. No point in doing all the work if it doesn't help the problem any, right?
I also thought that perhaps it would help if we had more bags and didn't have to put so much in them. Recently I did a clean out of my dresser and had set aside a few tshirts and tank-tops to sew up. So I did that tonight too.
There is one more tank-top that I sewed up that didn't make it to the photoshoot. It is smaller and is being used as a lunch bag. The 2 tank-tops I sewed up, I didn't bother to widen the neckline. It looked big enough to me. If it's not, I can always cut it out at a later date.
Hopefully this will hold us over for a bit longer. One day I will knit or crochet up some string bags. One day........