Thursday, April 02, 2009

Trial by Allen Wrench

Today the hubbunny and I put together the new bed. That was a job and a half. Remember the good old days when the stores did it for you? Yeah, I'm old. I certainly feel old right now. The contortions required to put this beast together are for circus performers. Not knitters and video game enthusiasts. But it looks really good.

I do want to know a couple of things, though. First off, why do these things always use an allen wrench? I have screwdrivers aplenty. I even have a ratcheting one that is easy on the wrist with multiple choices for the type of screw. I am quite sure that 95% of the world has a screwdriver. So what's with the horribly unergonomic allen wrench?

Secondly, why does this happen after every project I have to put together myself?

For the record, I know what 5 of those pieces are. I screwed in a board backwards and since it wasn't critical, we left it. But what are the rest for?????