Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Not To Sew a Bag

Today I tried my hand at sewing up a bag/purse/tote-like object.
I started with a big pile of cheap fabric. I spent a whole $1.50/m for 3 meters of it.
Then I cut 4 rectangles and a long skinny strip for the handle.

Next I sewed it inside out leaving a gap at the bottom to turn it right side out. Then I sewed across the corners of the bottom to make a boxed bottom and then I turned it inside out. Or should I say right side out? Here is the box bottom.Yeah, there are a few problems. Right off the bat, I sewed it right side out. So when I turned it inside out, that was exactly what I did. I blame the fact that the wrong and right side of the fabric are not really obvious. Also, I put my 'sandwich' of fabric together wrong.

I should have sewed the lining and the outside separately and then sewn them together across the top. Or something. I'm thinking I might want to go dig up that half remembered tutorial I saw online. (ya think?)

Then, when I boxed the bottom, clearly I did a poor job of lining up the side seam. Will have to work on that too.

All in all, not a bad first attempt. It looks bag-like. It has a boxed bottom, albeit poorly done. I won't be bothered to attach the handle and finish the top though. I fully expected to learn when I started out on this project and am fulfilling that brief quite nicely. I am very glad I did not attach interfacing to this. I made enough mistakes without adding extra things to mess up.

I think I will continue to haunt the cheap fabric bins and get some different fabric for the lining. At least that way I will (hopefully) be able to tell right and wrong side out!

I think I'm going to go knit on Noragi. There at least I am on fairly firm footing.