Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Til Someone Loses an Eye

I spoke to a client the other day at work who had injured themselves while cutting wood for the fireplace. Apparently, they were trying to cut more wood faster. So they used a chainsaw and instead of doing one log at a time, they put 2 logs on the sawhorse. One under the other.

Things were going well whle the first log was being sawn. Then the chainsaw broke through to the second log. And bounced up. Apparently, said chainsaw was in poor repair, as the brake didn't kick in. The person almost took half their face off. The 'cut' goes from right temple, across their eye, down the bridge of their nose and through their upper lip. 6 inches lower and they would have cut their throat open.

As it is, the cut is healing well, but the right eyelid doesn't open. The vision is there when they pry open their eye, but the eyelid just doesn't work. I suspect they cut the muscle that would open the eye. They have an appointment with an eye surgeon soon.

Morals of the story folks....don't try to hurry things up AND for the love of kitties wear face protection!