Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Day at Work

Whoo wee! The first day after a long weekend is always insanely busy and today was no exception. The phone rang every 30 seconds for the first 4 hours. A colleague and I discovered that a doctor had faxed in the same prescription to both of our pharmacies on the same day and the patient filled them both. For Percocet. headdesk

A client came in and told us that his doctor called us yesterday and said it was okay to give him his (wait for it) Percocet 5 days earlier than the written prescription directed. And got pissed when they weren't ready. Umm, buddy? We were closed yesterday and I am absolutely positive there was no doctor in Ontario in their office. Never mind small-town Ontario. So, you can take the shovel and spread the bullshit on the field down the road where it might do some good.

Little old lady came in and couldn't figure out why her battery operated razor wasn't working anymore. We got her some new double A's and she was good to go. We even changed out the batteries for her.

Had another fellow waiting for his (you guessed it) Percocet and he felt the need to regale me with his knowledge of what medications you can give a bunny rabbit. Cause you know that means he isn't abusing the Perc's he picks up every week.

Had a veterinary office call to see if we could get a drug I've never heard of. Turns out it is something they don't use in humans anymore and the vet had never heard of it either. Apparently he had a consult with the University of Guelph about one of his clients and that was the recommended drug. Sadly the recommendation did not come with a suggestion as to where to get it.

All that is just what I remember in between running to the phone to take verbal scripts from doctor's offices, advising customers on "what's good for a cold" and counting out pills and, oh yeah, gobbling lunch and taking a pee break.

Tired. Going to bed.