Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nope, I Follow Directions, Ma'am

How is it that the people on addictive drugs always claim to take it exactly as directed? I had one today. Got 60 lorazepam that lasted him for 33 days (and should have lasted 60 days). Got a refill for another 60 pills that have now lasted him for 51 days. So he should still have 36 pills at home. He claims otherwise. When I cautioned him that these pills can gradually creep up on you and then you notice one day you are taking more than the doctor ordered, he exclaimed indignantly,"No ma'am. I only take ONE at bedtime. Ever!" Yet he had none left........

This scenario happens regularly. Do I look stoopid? (don't answer that,you in the back) How is it that everybody takes their pills as directed and yet run out early. But only on the "good" ones? Which, by the way, we count twice before handing them out to make sure there are exactly the right amount.