Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Exciting Trip

Last weekend I went to Toronto. I stayed with my sister.

When I arrived friday night, we stopped in at Jack Astor's for nachos. With an adult beverage, of course.

I thought the bill was rather amusing, as they have the provincial and federal taxes identified with the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, and the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, respectively. So that we know who to blame, I suppose....

On saturday, my sister and I stopped by the Cheese Boutique. They have an amazing assortment of imported goodies. Among the wonders is a cheese room. You can actually go in and look at (but don't touch!) the cheese.

Saturdy continued with a lovely afternoon and evening spent with the Mezzodiva herself. That's right, she of the lovely Hibiscus for Hope sock pattern. (if you haven't got it yet, you want it. Go. Get it. I'll wait)

We met for a late lunch, a couple of beer, coffee.....and knitting of course!

Alas, I had to frog the knitting I was working on back to where it was at the beginning of the knitfest. I started the heel too early and the sock was short. However, the company was fabulous. She is as lovely in person as she in on the internet and it felt like I was meeting an old friend that I had known for years. The afternoon/evening just flew by. It too seemed short, although it was actually over 6 hours of fun! None of us wanted it to end, Unfortunately, one can only stay awake for so long before one falls over. So we had to call it a day. There will be more days, I'm sure.