Sunday, August 24, 2008

Conversation with the Husband

Saturday nights are my time with the tv. The rest of the week, the hubby watches wrestling (which I do too), football and baseball. I was watching a real estate show from England where they are trying to find a couple a house to buy. One of the houses shown was a lovely old house with beams in the ceiling. I commented that the beams were lovely, but I felt they tend to make the ceiling feel lower. The hubby replied,"well, it'll be easy for them to setup the sex-swing, at least" . Um. Yeah, honey.

The evening passed and I was watching a decorating show in which another couple were having trouble choosing a colour to paint the walls. I said,"Pick the blue you idiots. It's nice!" Hubby responded," so you want your sex-swing to be blue?" Rather than get into a discussion about how I didn't think we needed it, I said yes to shut him up. Hubby then went on to ask what colour the stripper pole should be. I told him chrome, looked at him like he was an idiot and went back to watching my show.

What does hubby do?

"see, I would have gotten it wrong with a brass pole. This is why couples need to communicate"

I'm going to be a little leery coming home from work for the next few days. What if he decides to,ahem, redecorate the bedroom?