Thursday, August 21, 2008

Funny Things on My TV

Here at Chez Knot we don't actually buy the pron channels, but they are listed on the menu. Some of the titles are rather funny. In an ewwww sort of way. For example:

Gooey Buns


Blow it out your Ass

Other stuff on my tv:

Since I am hearing impaired, on my tv, I have the closed captioning option turned on. I was watching Raw is War (wrestling) and one of the women wrestlers has a shtick where she comes out and sings completely off key. Usually when someone sings, the closed captioning either writes out the words to the song, or just puts up musical notes so you know it is singing. When Jillian (the terrible singing wrestler) came on , the caption read ,"Jillian singing horribly"


And, as a reward for reading this far...cute kitty pic:

"What do you mean, this is the people bed?"-Pagan