Friday, April 13, 2007

Busy Busy....

Is what I was today! I left the house at 9am and didn't get home till 3:15pm. After about 10 minutes I had to head out again!

What was my day filled with, you ask? Getting ready to go to Italy on my vacation!

I started the day by dropping the car off for an oil change and a brake inspection. The tank has been making occasional clunking noises when I applied the brakes. Not often, but still, the BRAKES are a pretty inportant part of the car, you know. Andf I don't want the hubby to get into an accident while I'm gone.

While that was being done, I went and bought a new memory stick for my digital camera. The current memory was 16MB. Not very much at all. Fine for around the house, but I'm going to be gone for 2 weeks, folks! So I bought a new 2G memory stick. Then I went to bank number 1 to pay the credit card bill. Then bank number 2 to deposit cheques and order Euros for my trip. The nice lady at the bank told me that it would actually be cheaper to go to the foreign exchange business downtown! Turns out the bank charges you the exchange rate AND a $14 fee! Whereas the foreign exchange business downtown just charges the exchange.

Upon picking up the car, I was told that they hadn't inspected the brakes as the doohicky thingie that they needed to take the security hubcaps off was nowhere to be found. I resolved to ask hubby once I got home.

Off to the exchange place. Got my money.
Went to the train station, picked up my tickets to go to Toronto where I will be meeting my sister and then off to the airport.
Bought a converter for the electrical stuff I will be bringing with me.
Got my nails done.
Picked up some goodies for my Knitter's Treat exchange pal.

Went home.

Asked hubby is he knew where the lock thingie for the tires was. He said no. Called the garage to tell them that the last time we saw it was whent THEY put the new tires on a while back. They call a Ford dealership and call me back to say that the dealership has to see the lock-nut to figure out which thingie is needed. I got back into the car, went to the dealership, they looked at the wheel and pronounced that it wasn't a Ford locking thingie and he had no idea what it was or what I could do. Thankyouforyourtimegoodbye.
Nice dealership eh?
I drove back to the garage where much rooting around in the car ensued and the thingie was found! Hallelujah!

Of course now it turns out I need a pair of brake pads and new rotors to the tune of $275, but whatever. I want my car to stop when I tell it to! Picky, I know....

Went home again, had dinner and just .....stopped.

And that was my day off! Tomorrow, back to the salt mines. (yes, I am working Saturday)

Oh wait, here is picture for you, not related to the post or anything, just cute...